Sparklers Fireworks

Outdoor sparklers are always great fun for kids and adults, perfect to entertain as you wait for the next fireworks to be lit at home or at a fireworks display. They will keep people entertained and having fun, they are also great for large events and can help boost revenue.

We have sparklers available in different colours and sizes; we even have crackling sparklers. Our sparklers are priced at a great rate, you get great fun at a great price!

Sparklers are hand-held fireworks, they are made from a metal wire and then one end will be covered in a metal mixture fuel. When lit they create slow burning sparks and they can be yellow or white unless your purchase some of our coloured flame sparklers.

Sparklers can also range from 20cm to measuring over 1 metre in length, however, the ones that we have in stock are 14 inches or 18 inches. The most popular time for sparklers tends to be bonfire night and on Diwali celebrations.

Outdoor Sparklers

You can also produce fun and creative images, by setting the shutter speed on a camera to 3 seconds and taking the photo. This can then be used to write words or draw images with the sparklers. This is also becoming popular at weddings which is great fun for people and they can create memorable photos.

We always advise that no child under the age 5 be allowed to hold a sparkler and any child over the age of 5 and under the age of 16 is always supervised by an adult. To dispose of a sparkler correctly you should put them in a bucket of water or sand.