Fountain Fireworks

A limited but exciting range of fountain fireworks available, we have fountains for weddings and displays.

You can buy your fireworks with great knowledge for us here at Big Star Fireworks as we try to upload videos on most of our fireworks so that you can be certain in the one that you purchase is what you want.

Fountain Fireworks for Wedding

Fountains are fireworks that are ground-based, once lit they will erupt into a shower of sparks and stars followed by some crackling and whistling.

They can range in sizes and shapes, the most common is a cone shape, however, we have a cube shaped fountain and a house shaped one but both giving off a great and unique performance.

Fountain Fireworks for Sale

Some fountains can reach heights of up to 20 feet in the air and last for around 2 minutes. We offer single fountain fireworks or a bundle of fountains. Fountain fireworks tend to be some of the quietest fireworks and create beautiful and colourful shows perfect for types of displays.
Using fountain fireworks safely

When browsing through our range of fountains, you will note that we add a safety distance that should be kept when they are lit, the distance will vary depending upon each individual fountain.

We also have a safety page which we advise all customers to read before purchasing and lighting fireworks to ensure that they are being used safely and that you know how to correctly manage the safety of others when you are creating firework displays at home.