Roman Candles Fireworks

There is a great selection of roman candle fireworks for sale to select from. Our great selection will have you spoilt for choice especially at great prices too.

A roman candle is one of the more traditional types of fireworks, ejecting coloured fireballs into the sky, creating a great show. They can eject over a thousand coloured balls, they can be sold as individual candles like the flaming inferno or as a roman candle bundle such as our cosmic stars.

The roman candles can also range in size from being just 6mm in diameter to up to 30mm, these are great and fun fireworks perfect for all occasions.

With varying noise levels getting the right one for your event will be easy. Try positioning the fireworks at slightly different angles to create exciting displays.

Firework Candle Safety

Look at our safety guide, where we advise everyone read before operating and lighting fireworks. No person under the age of 18 should light or position any fireworks.

All roman candle fireworks should be placed firmly in the ground or be attached to a post or beam that is secure and will not move. When browsing our full range of roman candles, you will also see that we attached a distance parameter that should be kept from the lit fireworks.