Roman Candles

Our Roman Candle fireworks for sale come in a variety of sizes and special effects, both quiet and noisy. Design-wise, the Roman Candle firework is a tube that intermittently shoots out stars, comets and many other enthralling effects like spinners and coloured peonies. Our Roman candles differ in size; the larger the candle the bigger the effect! What's more, you can create some great effects by placing your assorted Roman Candle fireworks at varying angles.

Candle fireworks are more commonly used for smaller garden displays but in greater numbers they can be put to use in professional shows and, with a touch of creativity, they will definitely give your audience something to marvel at! Explore our online candle fireworks for sale including Dragon Attack, an oriental inspired firework that shoots 8 bursts of golden chrysanthemum and red and green stars, white glitter and red & white peony bursts. Or for a great value pack of fireworks, why not invest in our fantastic Flaming Fireballs? These crackling comets give off an eerie whistle and emit screaming spinners!


Great range of fireworks at a really great price. Well impressed with the quality of the firework display.

Ajay Singh

Very happy with the service you & your team provided me. Highly recommend Bigstar fireworks & I shall be using you again in the future!!

Matt Holland

I was really happy with the quality of these fireworks. Ive spent more in the past elsewhere and was less impressed. Great service and highly recommended.

Steve Smith