Fireworks Selection Box

We have a wide and varied range of selection boxes available for purchase, perfect for events of all sizes and budgets. Some of our selection boxes have smaller fireworks great for garden displays to impress the kids and family, our other selection boxes will require more safety space as they will contain larger fireworks.

The selection boxes all give their own unique display, as each firework box is packed with different fireworks from rockets, fountains to firework cakes.

Firework Box Sets

We have selection boxes varying in prices from £10 to £250. We sell fireworks of the best quality in the price range of the selection box of your choice. We guarantee that all will enjoy the firework show.

When selecting one of our selection boxes, there will be safety information regarding the distance you should be when using fireworks. All fireworks should only be operated by a person of the age of 18 or over. Also, please take into consideration the noise level of the fireworks and the area in which you live and select the most suitable for you.