Rocket Fireworks

Browse our rocket fireworks and firework rocket packs. The rockets we sell are of a high standard and quality, they are some of the best rockets available for purchase and are great for any event.

Our rockets have been chosen specifically to create a great display, and when they are lit, are on a straight flight that explodes into fun and enchanting colours.

Firework Rocket Packs

Our selection of rocket firework packs which we have on offer range from small rockets to larger and louder firework packs. Our range of firework packs also has varying prices that will fit all budget types, allowing you to create a great show.
The cheaper fireworks tend to have a smaller height and explosion sound as opposed to the more expensive ones, but they are still great fun.

If you are looking for a louder and heavy rocket browse through our selection as they each come with a noise rating out of 5, choose the perfect rocket for your event.

Big Firework Rockets for Sale

You can purchase rockets from here today and can search through our varied range available and choose the right one for you. There is a delivery charge which will vary depending upon the amount you spend, delivery is only free once you spend over £300. Some items are only available for collection, and there is no minimum spend for collection.

If you’re are thinking of purchasing some of our other great fireworks, have a look at our selection box fireworks as it may offer you a discount and a larger variety of fireworks.