Selection Boxes

For a full pyrotechnic display in a single box, why not invest in one of our amazing fireworks selection boxes? Fit to burst with a variety of different fireworks from Roman Candles and fountains to Catherine Wheels, mines and rockets, our fireworks selection boxes for sale will surely make your Bonfire experience a night to remember. At Big Star Fireworks we've got so many selection boxes to choose from they will blow your mind! Our Ace Selection Box is only an incredible £10.00 or, if you fancy pushing the boat out, how about going for the tremendous Gladiator at £70.00? Depending on how big a show you want to put on, you'll be truly spoilt for choice. Our smaller selection boxes feature mainly fountain effects, medium sized selections feature candles and wheels and the bigger selection boxes contain rockets - while our higher priced selection boxes feature a little bit of everything!


Great range of fireworks at a really great price. Well impressed with the quality of the firework display.

Ajay Singh

Very happy with the service you & your team provided me. Highly recommend Bigstar fireworks & I shall be using you again in the future!!

Matt Holland

I was really happy with the quality of these fireworks. Ive spent more in the past elsewhere and was less impressed. Great service and highly recommended.

Steve Smith