Missile fireworks and barrages truly are the high flyers and perform with some of the most eye-catching and mind-blowing effects you can possibly imagine! They're designed like cakes in that they're a combination of fireworks combined in one compact box. For safety purposes they should always be secured into the ground with a wooden stake (using either gaffa tape, parcel tape or cable ties) and pointed well away from your audience. Why not give the neighbours a show with a pack of Screaming Missiles; featuring 300 screaming whistling missile thunder shots - or enjoy one of our most popular missiles, Sky Monkey, which lets off 162 shots of manic whistling missiles? Light up the night sky with our tremendous, safety approved and surprisingly cheap missile fireworks that will make your display the envy of the neighbourhood! Should you have any questions relating to any of our fireworks on sale, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be more than happy to assist.


Great range of fireworks at a really great price. Well impressed with the quality of the firework display.

Ajay Singh

Very happy with the service you & your team provided me. Highly recommend Bigstar fireworks & I shall be using you again in the future!!

Matt Holland

I was really happy with the quality of these fireworks. Ive spent more in the past elsewhere and was less impressed. Great service and highly recommended.

Steve Smith