Like mines, these ground-based fireworks are great for introducing and/or finishing your big display. Our flamboyant fountain fireworks are available in all different sizes and special effects. They emit sensational showers of sparks and produce all kinds of sounds from piercing whistles to clamorous crackling. Some fountains are capable of reaching great heights and can last up to 2 minutes, with a wide array of vibrant colours to choose from. Fountains are popular for garden-based displays but can also be used at professional events and are very safe and easy to use. Take a look at our impressive selection of fountains for sale, like our excellent value Charming Cascade variety that emits whistling silver stars - or Volcanic Terror, featuring four volcano-inspired fireworks with different effects that will undoubtedly keep your audience entertained!


Great range of fireworks at a really great price. Well impressed with the quality of the firework display.

Ajay Singh

Very happy with the service you & your team provided me. Highly recommend Bigstar fireworks & I shall be using you again in the future!!

Matt Holland

I was really happy with the quality of these fireworks. Ive spent more in the past elsewhere and was less impressed. Great service and highly recommended.

Steve Smith